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The Decade of the Brain [3 min -]

This short animation by Nadja Oertelt is part of The Atlantic’s Next America: Early Childhood project, which is supported by grants from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Heising-Simons Foundation.

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Although these critical periods are indeed critical, all hope is not lost for those of us with traumatized brains. Brain plasticity remains throughout the life span and we can reach it with neurofeedback, computerized biofeedback to the brain. I'll post a YouTube demonstrating this process in a boy deemed untreatable. Although quite dramatic, these are the outcomes we have come to expect with neurofeedback innboth children and adults. 

More after the video!

Here it is....

After multiple arrests for assault, eleven year old Ken is headed for incarceration at a juvenile detention center when his mother discovers neurofeedback. With feedback, his brain learns to regulate itself and he requires no further intervention. 

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