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In 2013, this story by Nic Turiciano -- Review clears 3 Denver police officers in 2009 beating of Alex Landau -- appeared in the Denver Post. Here is an excerpt:


A Denver Police Department administrative review released Friday concluded there is insufficient evidence to support a Denver man's allegations of police misconduct in a 2009 beating.


Alexander Landau, 23, was the driver of a vehicle pulled over for an illegal left turn in the early morning of Jan. 15, 2009. An ensuing struggle left Landau with severe injuries, pictures of which resulted in outrage and community protests.


"How is this going to impact good and bad officers? What type of message does it send to their department?" said Landau, who now works with the Colorado Progressive Coalition, a community advocacy and outreach organization.


The Justice Department, which conducted a separate investigation, notified Landau in February that it would not charge Cpl. Randy Murr and Officers Ricky Nixon and Tiffany Middleton with civil-rights violations stemming from the case, citing a lack of evidence.


A federal lawsuit against the city filed by Landau alleged that officers hit him with their fists, flashlights and a radio, and called him a racial epithet during the beating.


The lawsuit also alleged that the three officers attempted to cover up the beating, which left Landau with "persisting neurological damage."


The suit resulted in a $795,000 settlement in 2011, the second-largest in the city's history.


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