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White People | Official Trailer | MTV [1 min]

What does it mean to be white? ‘White People’ aired on July 22nd on MTV. For more:

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I was trying to go to University of Michigan Medical School.  


They had scholarships for disadvantaged students.  I couldn't get one. My sister was in foster care.  I had a deer rifle pointed at me growing up. I watched my dad and mom kill my grandmother in front of me before my eyes.  I had to get my parents at 26 to fill out the FAFSA when they wouldn't (I hadn't actually been made a foster kid because time had run out), even though they had lived on welfare my entire childhood and I was a homeless teen.  I even had a migrant worker stabbed on the front porch of the welfare trailer I grew up in and I cannot forget the police dogs or the huge blood stain.  


The scholarship for disadvantaged students at UM medical school went to African American students who's parents were doctors and lawyers and had no experiences like mine.  Now I may be an anomaly but that is the truth of what happened in my case.  I am poor white trash... 


The system is broken and isn't able to see who needs support no matter the color of the skin.  


Not dismissing anyone's experience---- including my own.  


Thanks Tina

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