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Kansas ACEs Connection is dedicated to connecting and supporting organizations, systems, and communities who are interested in better understanding the prevalence of ACEs and trauma, recognizing the impact that these have on individual and organizational health, and developing policies and practices that promote resiliency and healing.
This community is a collection of organizations in Fairfield County, CT working to strengthen their knowledge of ACEs, share resources and ideas, and work together to support children and families.
Addressing ACEs and building resilience in circumpolar communities -- Denmark, Finland, Norway, Alaska, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Canada.
The Virginia ACEs Connection initiative promotes safety and connection to empower self-healing communities in Virginia.
The Riverside Resilience initiative started in 2016 when county and community leaders came together to understand how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma influence health and wellbeing. The goal of the initiative is to launch a cross-sector collaboration to reduce ACEs and improve health and education outcomes for children over the next 10 years.
We are an online collaborative dedicated to raising awareness about ACEs, trauma-informed practice, and resilience-building in the greater Phoenix area. Given the unique history of this city and region, Phoenix Rising will explore personal and historical sources of trauma.
We raise community awareness about the role of trauma in health - mental, physical and behavioral - and to create an innovative paradigm shift in the medical system. This will be carried out through the creation of warm, accessible and inviting parenting sites that create relationships to help families prevent and intervene early in the trauma affecting their children.
"Through a network of committed partners, we are working to transform and align all sectors of our community, building a resilient and compassionate community in New Hanover County."
We are committed to a culture of safety, understanding, and responsiveness to ACEs for children, families, and our community.
Mission: To make Pennsylvania a Trauma-Informed State to better serve all residents. Vision: Pennsylvania is a state where prevention is the norm. When people do experience emotional and psychological trauma they feel respected, safe, empowered, and supported to recover and heal.
We are a cross-sector collaborative dedicated to creating safe, positive, nurturing, and flourishing families and communities.
We are a group of professionals serving families in the perinatal period. Providers of all kinds are welcome, let's strategize together how best to support families in the context of ACEs and resilience building.
Our goal is to begin a dialogue around the topic of trauma and resiliency and create a shared language and understanding of effective responses to trauma. Together we can create a united, yet community-customized approach to the integration of trauma informed care in communities all across South Dakota.
The purpose of the TCCY East Tennessee ACEs Knowledge Mobilization Team is moving knowledge from formal research to active use in such a way that it changes philosophy and approach, policies and funding, program and services, and professional practice as sustainable changes in multiple sectors of a community.
The Durham ACEs Resilience Taskforce (DART) envisions Durham as a resilient community where all people thrive. Its mission is to build upon the strengths of Durham communities and systems, advancing an equitable and culturally responsive approach to prevent and respond to toxic stress and trauma.
We educate our community about ACEs, resilience and trauma-informed approaches, and invite others to join us to increase our success in improving our communities.
Strategies 2.0 Northern Region ACEs Connection networks and shares information across counties, systems and services to reduce trauma, increase resilience and inspire collaboration to nurture strong families and thriving communities.
We are a grassroots collaborative whose mission is to promote health and resiliency in our community and to effectively prevent, recognize, and treat trauma by creating safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments. The WCCI hosts an annual educational event as well as additional workshops throughout the year.
The Colorado ACEs Connection group is dedicated to preventing and reducing the number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in Colorado. We are a diverse collective of community members striving to promote healing and create trauma-aware and resilient communities across the state of Colorado.
Led by the Children's Trust of South Carolina, the South Carolina Adverse Childhood Experiences Initiative empowers communities to help build resilience and works to prevent poor health outcomes and improve well-being.
Where individuals and initiatives gather to meet, brainstorm, and collaborate about using ACEs Science inclusively to create trauma-informed families, communities, systems, and change with and for all.
SSTICN brings together a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary group of organizations and individuals working together to collaborate to create a more trauma-informed and resilient Southside region. The mission of the SSTICN is to promote and to enhance individual and community resilience.
The WV ACES Coalition includes over 70 different organizations and individuals working together to improve the health and well-being of all West Virginians by reducing the impact of ACEs and preventing their occurrence.
The San Diego Trauma-Informed Guide Team works to promote trauma-informed services in the San Diego region through collaboration, advocacy, and education. This community is meant to foster connection among the SD-TIGT membership and advance trauma-informed practices.
Join the movement to prevent ACEs, heal trauma and build resilience in Napa County. Our intent is that everyone in Napa County is educated about ACEs and integrates trauma-informed and resilience-building practices into their work, family, community and individual lives. This is a place to work collaboratively to transform our county to one of hope, compassion, healing and resilience for all.
Community Partners committed to building a Resilient Solano County
Grassroots attempt to unify all levels of our State to embrace the science of ACEs to develop supportive services and resources for prevention, education and treatment.
A platform for students, faculty, academic professionals, and community partners to share information and bring awareness to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), while collaborating with one another in an effort to build a trauma informed campus and integrate those ideals into neighboring communities.
San Mateo County ACEs Connection is a community for all who are invested in creating a trauma-informed and resilient San Mateo County. This is a space to share resources, information, successes, and challenges related to addressing trauma and building resiliency, particularly in young children and their families.
Our vision for a healthy Charlotte County is a safe, equitable and vibrant community in which people feel empowered to seek and obtain opportunities and services to achieve and maintain a high quality of life.
Recognizing trauma and adverse experiences as underlying factors which may lead to substance abuse, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, mental illness and more. Together we support our communities to prevent childhood trauma, and bring prevention methods to scale. Together we build strong communities that support resilient families, leading to happy, healthy, and thriving children.
Our holistic movement increases the understanding of ACEs across all of our community sectors to integrate trauma-informed practices, build resilience and provide hope for future generations.
Working together in Tacoma and Pierce County to improve the well-being of residents by focusing on empowerment and equity, the prevention of ACEs, and the building of resilience. We hope to inform and connect individuals and communities working to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments.
Welcome! This group is for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ Community or who supports the community.
A platform for community members, leaders & parents who are passionate about preventing trauma & building resilience. Share information, exchange ideas & work collaboratively across sectors to develop solutions that support trauma-informed and resilience-building practices in all domains of life & work. A Community of Hope, Healing & Resilience for ALL!
We are building a healthy, connected and resilient community.
Peace4Tarpon is dedicated to the awareness and understanding of childhood (ACEs) and adult trauma and the resulting negative effects on community, systems and society. We believe this understanding will transform attitudes and empower community resilience. We invite you to join us.
As a community we strive to prevent trauma, while offering hope and healing to those among us who have experienced childhood adversity. Recognizing life as a continuous series of events e.g. “lifecourse”, we weave together epigenetics (preconception), neurodevelopment (childhood & adolescence), and ACEs science (adult and aging) as we seek pathways to health and wellbeing.
Resilient Amador is dedicated to working together to promote a trauma-informed community through education, prevention, support, and advocacy, thereby raising the standard of care for all. We transform systems, individuals, families, and businesses to integrate trauma-informed and resilience-building practices into everyone’s work, community and personal lives.
First 5 Alabama ACEs Connection is an online platform with a collaborative mission to enhance healthy attachment relationships between children birth through age 5 and the adults who care for them and promote wellness across the lifespan through promotion, prevention, and intervention supports to promote healing through trauma informed practices.
Bounce is a coalition of community partners working together to build the resiliency of children, adults, and families by improving knowledge about the impact of ACEs and the skills to help people bounce back from adversity. We do this by: educating and training; measuring impact; and advocating for policies that support trauma-informed communities.
A community working in collaboration to raise awareness of ACEs prevention and to promote hope and healing.
The Trauma-Informed Utah page was created in response to requests for support in navigating challenges highlighted due to COVID-19. This page serves as a resource bank and networking opportunity for organizations seeking to implement trauma-informed approaches both in policy and practice. This effort is dedicated to improving the well-being of Utahns and those who serve them.
Educating people in Hutchinson about Adverse Childhood Experiences and the effects of toxic stress. The goal is for the community to integrate trauma-informed and resilience-building practices into individual, family, work, and community lives.
Strategies 2.0 Sierra Region ACES Connection provides a forum for representatives from programs and services throughout the Sierra Nevada Region to learn and share strategies for enhancing child and family well-being.
ACEs occur in societal, cultural and household contexts. Social science research and theory provide insight into these contexts for ACEs and how they might be altered to prevent adversity and promote resilience. We encourage social scientists of various disciplines to share and review research, identify mechanisms, build theories, identify gaps, and build bridges to practice and policy.
We envision flourishing communities where every neighbor acts as agent in creating the reality of our community, every neighbor has access to the necessary resources and supports to offer our gifts and talents to the community, and all community sectors are organized to engage the gifts and talents of every neighbor for the good of the community.
Established in 2019, the ACEs Indiana Coalition strives to bring together organizations throughout Indiana to build resilient and self healing communities. In addition, the coalition assists in the management of Indiana’s ACEs Interface program. This page serves as Indiana’s statewide ACEs Connection site and we encourage the sharing of resources, information, and events.
The Fairfax County Trauma-Informed Community Network (TICN) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency effort to implement and support Trauma-Informed Care initiatives across the Health, Housing, Education and Human Services System. The Fairfax TICN is one of 19 such networks across the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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