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Working with families experiencing homelessness, specifically those with infant and todders.

As we adapt our services and try to engage families in a virtual way, we are looking for alternatives to our typical assessment tools. We would love to incorporate ACEs.  Though homelessness is not necessarily captured through this tool, we still want to be able to work it into our conversation about the way homelessness can impact a child's social and emotional development and physical health.

Has anyone found a way to work this in to homeless services spaces, especially when working with families with infants and toddlers? Any creative strategies or implementation practices to share?



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I attached a questionnaire that The Family Center in Tennessee that we incorporated into a workshop we did with Early Learning families the last two years. It has a second page with some additional adverse experiences. I would also encourage you to check out this study and/or the accompanying video from Dr. Anda of the original ACE study.

The BCR Pair of ACEs tree may also be of interest as it does include homelessness.

Lots of considerations to ensure that we are using ACEs in a way that is not harmful


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