I'm looking for people in Scotland (ideally Central Belt) who focus on/specialise in ACE's. 

I am organising an event in June in Edinburgh which start with the movie 'Resilience' as a starting point/provocation for discussion. It will be followed by a facilitated dialogue about how it relates to our work.  

The event is geared towards non-formal sector arts practitioners (not therapists necessarily) who work with young people. In particular, those of us who are music practitioners working with young people and children at risk.

The purpose of the session is to deepen our knowledge and understanding of those we work with. 

If anyone in Scotland can get in touch to discuss the possibility of helping to facilitate (for a fee), please get in touch.  I will explain our organisation further then, but in the meantime, you can watch this short video:


Also, if anyone is keen to attend, please email me and I'll add you to our mailing list. 

The best email to reach me is on hello@edinburghyouthmusicforum.org

I hope to hear back and send all the best from snowy Scotland, 


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Hi Jess and Gail. 

There is so much awareness raising going on in Scotland at the moment and you have a wide and wonderful field of ACE aware people to contact - depending on the date I could possibly be around to contribute - one of the best forums is on facebook  - Aces Scotland Forum and there you will find lots of really informed people. I would strongly suggest contacting either Tina Hendry of Re-Attachment, Suzanne Zeedyk of Connected Baby,who brought the film Resilience to Scotland in the first place,  Graham Goulden and James Doherty of the VRU (Violence Reduction Unit) are also great speakers in relation to ACE's. Great to see your request. 


warm regards, 


There is some incredible work being done in schools - the picture is mixed across the country but there is a movement and arguably the biggest professional group to be mobilised around this are teachers and early years workers - Suzanne Zeedyk of Connected Baby  http://connectedbaby.net/ is very involved with a lot of this and there are also some individual head teachers who are taking forward amazing projects in their schools and developing the whole area of trauma sensitive schools. The Scottish government have also set up the Scottish ACEs Hub which has been a huge step forward in helping the ACE movement. http://www.healthscotland.scot...hildhood-experiences          

Hello to everyone who has replied!

Firstly, my apologies for my slow reply in return. How often the imminent gets i the way of the important (or stuff is both?!).

I'm delighted by the responses above and also see that Children in Scotland is about to run an event on ACEs too which I'll try to attend.

Jennie, thanks also for such a list of people! I'm going to contact people individually next week in a bid to plan further. 

I'm excited about the event and also to hear that there is so much happening in Scotland already!

All the best



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