I am interested in starting a group focused on ACEs and the social sciences; anthropology, sociology, and psychology; particularly how ACEs concepts and research have been incorporated in these sciences and how these social sciences shed light on ACEs.


I would prefer not to do this alone but to involve other social scientists as well.  I have already contacted Craig McEwen PhD and James Halm PhD to work with me on this.  I hope to recruit others.


Our initial intention would be to locate and review research and theoretical insights pertinent to the social science about ACEs.  We would then summarize and present them on this site.


Other collaborators are welcome.


Could this work or be made to work?

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ACEs and social sciences - intentionally conceptualized to be inclusive of several disciplines - sounds very interesting. This group would offer a landing spot for folks on AC with similar interests. Sounds intriguing! And, timely!  I look forward to seeing how this evolves (pun intended!). Thank you for utilizing AC to find others with shared interests. Karen

I'm interested  Dennis. Starting out as a clinical social worker and later as a psychologist I have always been interested in how culture and society shapes  people and how people shape society and culture. Not doing direct clinical work now but continuing research in cultural and social change. Tracing the development of structural dysfunction and structural violence ( various forms of oppression) and remedies. We could set up a ACEs and the social sciences community here.

By the way I recently came across a new text compiling  research on violence (  includes a definition of violence which covers a range of structural forms)

Bandy X Lee Violence: an interdisciplinary approach to causes, consequences and cures. John Wiley and Sons, 2019

Lets Do It

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