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Interested in proposing  a Public Service blitz on ACEs Awareness.  Wondered what forms it should take?  We are thinking about at least one billboard, doing a film screening in several locations, with several newspaper PSA's.  Would love to hear what folks have done.  Not a lot of $$ to work with, but lots of passion and drive.  

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Hi Elaine, Please google “faces of ACEs” Butte County (CA). They have videos on their YouTube channel, hosted events, developed print and social media materials - in partnership with a local university’s graphic design program. It’s a true community effort presented with heart and without shame. I hope you find this useful. Karen 

Hi Elaine,

We (Emote) often run webinars geared towards supporting education leadership. If this seems like it would be a useful channel or group feel free to reach out. If not, I'm also happy to share what we've learned around digital marketing. 



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