The HOPE team is working on a blog called, “10 Ways to Avoid ACES during COVID-19”.  How are you avoiding ACES?  Creating Positive Experiences?  Please share your stories and pictures.  We can all help each other get through this difficult time.

Also, please join our Balancing ACES with HOPE community.

Thank you from the HOPE Team!

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Thank you for all you’re doing, for all of us!

I’d say every community can benefit right now from ways to take care of their fears and worries. The toll on their body and immune system from chronic worry is still not well-known. I’d love to help supply or give a presentation in the many tools we’ve collectively created, in plain, accessible language for most any community, as you see fit. There’s a website we’ve created for this, and We’ve just released a book on Amazon (Compassion In Action: Emotional First-Aid for Children), that focuses on helping our children better navigate this and other troubling times.  Ready to help support in any way you see fit. - Jondi 

My input is ACEs is pain inflicted from the outside into us. Many flavors of pain all called adversity. All the events of pain and fear of more pain is what ACEs really is. Once we have it then this pain forms our habits and general state in many ways. If you can not get to the flavor of the original pain an end old habits while creating new habits of being seeing and feeling then not much will have changed. Again wounding happen from the outside in and healing happens from the inside out. Others induce trauma or We self-expressed trauma. All ACEs is Un-Discharged Pain covered by fear or anger or the freeze of depression. Un Discharged is the word that needs reversing to Discharged Pain. This is also called Un-Discharged Traumatic Stress. But Trauma is Pain and Stress is Fear of Pain.  Do this and the entire Fight or Flight response dissolves and in a few sessions over a few months, the ACEs is gone or vastly reduced.  So avoiding ACEs has little use. Avoiding is not really a goal of healing. Feeling as fully as needed is the direction to go.  Avoiding and haveing great coping skills does little more than make you a successful functional cripple. ( who will die years sooner than needed)  So my input is to add ACEs IMMUNITY to your toolbox and use it often.  It is free and easy to learn.


Good luck and happy healing

Michael Harrell 

Many of the people that I connect to with ACES did not have the support to learn how to cook. Now they are at home and are challenged by being bored with the few meals they do know how to cook. When they set the hope goal of cooking more, I offer the Yoututube Channel Cookus Interruptus. They offer clear pathway with funny dialog to cooking new whole food recipes . Maybe you want to start with learning how to cut an onion. Missing Eatting Indian food? Here is a recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala. I think this a great time to develop some new cooking skills if Cookus Interrupus is not the flavor of your palette. I am sure that their is other platforms that can give you new skills. 


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