To get data specific to Kern county, I would start with Kern county's version of mental health and addiction services.  This is their website:  Someone there might know about data collection or reporting related to ACEs.

For the state level, you can get some data from the National Survey of Children's Health.  I use this link:   You can start by selecting the survey year (they recommend the combined 2017-2018) then the region, for example the state of California.  Then click the plus sign next to Child and Family Health Measures.  From the list click Family Health and Activities and a longer list will populate.  From that list you can either click Indicator Adverse Childhood Experiences to get data, or a little lower click the plus sign next to Adverse Childhood Experiences to be able to select specific adverse experiences.  The data will load and you'll then be able to apply more filters such as age and race in the upper right corner by selecting subgroups.

Thank you Natalie. You've been very helpful. I'm still waiting for responses from the Behavioral Health Department. It's been interesting to realize we don't have a portal where we can utilize the data from different sources.  I used to work at NM Department of Health. In NM, we have a lot of data already compiled and available in IBIS which is a website portal. Check this out.

and also this,;sortField=modified

The last website is just maps and Arcgis data.

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