Hi Damon, Thank you for posting this question.  Have you found your way to the ACEs Connection group called "ACEs in the Faith-Based Community"?  This would be a great place to ask this question. 

Click here to find the ACEs Community:  ACEs in the Faith Based Community 

I think this blog (also found on this community) may be of interest too:  Knowledge is "Secular Gospel" for Montana Pastor 

I hope this is helpful!  

I would just offer for your consideration that using the terms Christian and non-Christian feels uncomfortable for me as a Jew. I realize the way you are using these terms is intended to be neutral, but those of us who are religious minorities in this country experience a lot of being defined by others as what we are not rather than by what we are.  There is powerful work on what religious minorities experience in the U.S. by Paul Kivel, who documents and explains what he calls Christian Hegemony.  I offer this because of the trauma religious minorities experience, and how little that is acknowledged or understood.  Here's a link to Paul's website:  http://christianhegemony.org/

Thank you, Karen, for sharing such an important lens. Valuing all faiths and belief-systems, we honor everyone's individual faith-journey.

Trauma religious minorities experience, harsh religious upbringings, cults, and religious schools, etc. are imperative voices in sharing narratives of shame, blame, denial, hope, healing, and resilience.

And thank you to each of you and our members for helping our community be safe, inclusive, and trusting. 

Our connection, engagement, and shared learning experiences are valuable as we grow, ignite healing change, and transform systems.

I appreciate that so much. To be honest I hesitated to post my comment because I've experienced quite a bit of anger from people when I've tried to broach this subject. I decided that this community would likely be made up of people who would be open to this kind of feedback - I'm grateful to find that's so.  Thanks for your sensitivity and willingness to consider this perspective.

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Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)