Love love this comment made by Emily Read Daniels.

“WE DESPERATELY NEED TO MOVE BEYOND COGNITIVE/BEHAVIORAL APPROACHES to treating trauma.  As someone that has YEARS of experience working with children and teens and working with that kind of approach to treating depression, anxiety, suicidality, substance misuse, cutting, ODD - you name it, I have worked with it - it's an epic fail.  EPIC!  The emerging modalities of treatment (e.g. somatic experiencing, trauma-informed yoga, trauma drama, rhythmic movement and music, etc.) make way for regulating the body's stress response! " ~ Emily Read Daniels

I totally agree.  I do not have the academic background perhaps but I had to do my own healing work on myself. So am focused on what works and why.  I do teach what works for me on Facebook and Youtube ( for free)  New to ACEs I felt what would be some of my processes that would be good for parents and children to heal past trauma .  ACEs IMMUNITY is what I came up with. 

I would like to offer you 4 tools/exercises to test out and see if they help. ( ACEs IMMUNITY ) Is it taboo to talk about healing ACEs and trauma? It seems like a basic goal to me even if it is a placebo, knowing healing can happen is a good thing. Lots have been done with the polyvagal theory of unfinished fight or flight reaction to stress and abuse. My first exercise is for finishing this fight or flight or "play dead" reaction that is stuck in our autonomic nervous system. I call it Finding Your Lion Heart. It is presented as an acting exercise to keep it one step away from your actual memories.  All CHM / Trauma is outer-directed and we are the victim.  This is inner-directed and we are always the victor.  As our wounding is a form of state-bound learning and imprinting we must get close to that original state to reverse and finish the F or F event with a different outcome. ( all imaginary like a video game ) But our body reacts as if it was real plus we are in control. This is the reverse of being out of control. The side effects of Finding your Lion Heart is the end of fear, the end of anger and the end of pain. ( they have a limit and are not infinite) Also when you let loose of your control of these primal emotions in private then you gain control in public. Then it is with the end of pain that self-compassion is born and then available to others. See ( )

 The second exercise Heart Light Meditation, is a high quality powerful connected breathing meditation. How to walk your head and mind down to your heart and be in your heart.  At the end when your heart is open you put what you love in your heart. In the first process at the end you destroy worlds. The world of pain and the world of abuse and the world of neglect and so on.  These worlds give you a world view and move your life to be always ready for F or F. So stay stuck in the original adverse set of experiences.

The third process is Polarity Flip Flops.  This goes directly to your body and trains your mind to feel the effects of each polarity.  Our trauma is held in our body subconsciously in the same place as how we walk.  Over time this exercise trains your body to recognize polarity and be able to move to the opposite with ease. Fear is a poll with an opposite. Stress is the same and on it goes with all subconscious unwanted behavior is really a single habit or reaching for only one poll. 

And the last process is Talking to the Parts of Self. This is also key and core to all our relationship outside our skin. Parents, kids, lovers, and business are all modeled on our inner relationships with the parts of self.  Think with this process you can increase your self-love 400% and intelligent decisions by 400% plus do all kinds of trust-building and conflict resolutions.  We become the therapist to the parts of ourself and this can be relationship therapy, family therapy, trust-building, healing past wounds, ( momma your trauma) and on it goes until you are good with all your parts of self.

Please give feedback and comments. Thank you

Michael Harrell 

The first 4 videos are the ACEs IMMUNITY process. The others are some few videos on why this works.

To be effective with Finding your Lion Heart then this video is good also. 

Forgive You and only YOU.





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