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In our agency, we have been using the Understanding ACES flier to share information about ACES with the population that we serve, primarily mental health and children & youth services.  We were wondering if there are resources available for people who have literacy issues.  The info presented on the forms we use, which I've attached, may not be easy for some people to understand.  How do you reach this population in your area?  Are there fliers available that simplify ACES that we can access?  Can someone point me to a website or share what you use? 


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The first flier we were using.
The updated flier I recently located.
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Hey Naomi, does it have to be on paper?  Many folks who struggle with literacy might relate more to a short video on things like Windows of Tolerance or something like that.  I'm sorry I don't right off the top of my head have one on ACES that I can link you to, but when you search them on YouTube there are lots.  I'd check out the one from Scotland, trying to be an ACE aware nation.  Good luck.

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