In our agency, we have been using the Understanding ACES flier to share information about ACES with the population that we serve, primarily mental health and children & youth services.  We were wondering if there are resources available for people who have literacy issues.  The info presented on the forms we use, which I've attached, may not be easy for some people to understand.  How do you reach this population in your area?  Are there fliers available that simplify ACES that we can access?  Can someone point me to a website or share what you use? 


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The first flier we were using.
The updated flier I recently located.
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Hi, Ann

To clarify, we do not use these resources with people who struggle with literacy issues.  I shared them to show what we have been using to spread the awareness of ACES throughout our county.  We are seeking ACES information that anyone may have available that we could use to better explain ACES to those who struggle. 

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