I am a teacher here in Las Vegas, Nevada looking to meet with others, from schools and other areas who would like to collaborate on trauma-informed practices and ACEs from many sectors.  Would anybody be interested in establishing a cross-sector ACEs initiative here in Las Vegas where we can collaborate and support one another?   If anyone is interested you can email me directly at hestehm@nv.ccsd.net or post your comments below.

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I’d love to join some other like-minded in that effort; I add myself because even though I don’t live there, we’re developing some related things with one of my colleagues Amy Frost who does, in conjunction with the Assod for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, (ACEP, www.energypsych.org). If interested in a conversation please give me a shout directly. Best, Jondi

Hi Jondi,

Thank you for your interest. We would love to have you and Amy involved. We are working on connecting with all of the Vegas members to start an initiative and schedule a time to gather and collaborate. If you don't mind emailing me your information so that I can keep you informed I would greatly appreciate it. My email is hestehm@nv.ccsd.net

Talk to you soon,


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Carey S. Sipp (ACEs Connection Staff)