I work at an Early Learning Center that serves Head Start and ECEAP preschool families. We are looking to bring ACES and Resiliency to parents, but want to do so in a way that is strengths-based and does not leave families feeling at a loss for what they can do to move forward from ACES they and their families may have experienced. I have found many resources between this website and some other internet searches, but we are very interested in learning about other organization's experiences with presenting this info to parents. For example, what worked/didn't work, what formats were used (PowerPoint, group workshops, a one-time or recurring meeting, etc.), and how organizations provide ongoing support to families after bringing this to them. 

We would greatly appreciate any insight, suggestions, or guidance from your experiences/knowledge! 

Thank you!

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I love that handout Haley! Teaching parents helpful ways to interact and communicate with kids is so essential. I think there should be multiple parts that show parents how to keep their kids safe and then also how to be more loving and communicative. There is an excellent curriculm out there in preventing child sexual abuse. I would highly recommend this as well https://www.d2l.org/education/

Thank you for the steps you are taking Melissa! 

Crittenton Children's Center's, Trauma Smart model offers a comprehensive approach to helping early childhood and elementary schools become fully trauma informed organizations. The model includes a parent curriculum. You may learn more at the TraumaSmart.org website.  You may also call me at 816-767-4234. 

These are great resources. Please check out our program called Safe, Secure and Loved, designed to strengthen resilience in families facing adversity. We are centered in San Jose. We have a program for parents of babies (0-2 yes) and a two-part program for parents of preschoolers and for preschoolers (the last part of each workshop the parents and preschoolers come together). One of its most powerful aspects is that it is facilitated by the community. I appreciate the ACEs mailings especially at this time in our world.

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Hi! We've launched an education campaign called Stress Health for parents/caregivers. Our website is currently a landing page that walks parents and caregivers through the impacts of adversity on the body and reminds them how powerful they can be in helping their children heal and be resilient! It offers some light tips and tools for things like breathing exercises, creating healthy sleep routines and more. A lot more content will be launching in late August but please take a look in the meantime! Visit www.StressHealth.org. 

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