Hi  Adriana, I'm going to post your query to the ACEs in Pediatrics community, since I'm aware that members of the community have developed Spanish language versions of the ACE screener.  They're testing them out in pilots, so they're in the process of validating them.  Please also join the ACEs in Pediatrics community!

Marin Community Clinics, see the story here:


Kaiser San Jose has also a version of the ACE screener in Spanish. You can contact Suzanne Frank and read the story about it here:


Also, you can join the National Pediatric Practice Community on ACEs, which is a project of the Center for Youth Wellness and is helping pediatric practices implement screening for ACEs. 

Adriana Cuestas posted:

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anybody knows of an ACEs questionnaire In SPANISH that has been validated. Can I get some help in finding it?


Hi Adriana,


    I am attaching a Spanish  ACEs questionnaire that is being used by staff at our  SAFE in Hunterdon, Flemington, N.J. program. 



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