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I’m looking for people to interview for a study on people with ACEs. I’m a qualitative researcher working with Kaiser Permanente and we’re looking at the everyday lives of adults who experienced childhood trauma in order to develop new types of services that better address people’s real needs.

We are looking for people in the areas of Denver, Atlanta, and Baltimore area who have experienced three or more childhood traumas and would be willing to be interviewed in their homes on these dates:

Denver: May 16 and 17

Atlanta: May 20 and 21

Baltimore: May 23 and 24

The focus of these interviews is not on the childhood experiences themselves but on the challenges of everyday life for people with ACEs. Participants will be compensated $300 as an individual and $400 as a couple (spouses, parent/adult child, or siblings). We’re especially interested in finding a parent with a young child (or children) or expecting a child (note: we will not involve children in the interview).  

I’m posting this to ACEs Connection hoping to find possible participants or leaders in the community who could help us find people.

If interested in participating or introducing me to possible participants, reply within ACEs Connection or email me at and I will provide more details.  

Thank you!

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