I'm new to the ACES Connection and note that there isn't a community for those folks who work with folks with IDD (including ASD/FASD).  This is the area I work in pretty much exclusively.  Wondering if there are others interested in and/or working this area? Perhaps there are enough of us to create a community around disability and ACES?  Cheers, Margaret

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Hi Margaret, Thanks for asking this question. ACEs Connection has several communities focused on folks involved in criminal justice, education, pediatrics, however there isn't currently a community specifically for those who interact with, care for or support people with autism, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, developmental delay and other similar issues. I wonder if others share your interest? Thank you again for asking the question, I look forward to reading the responses. Karen

Hello Margaret and Karen, I too work with individuals with IDD as a PsychRN soon to be NP. I'd definitely be interested in starting/joining a community around ACEs and IDD/DD.   Especially since these individuals have in increased risk for trauma. More importantly, those who work in healthcare, education, and/or mental health will care for an individual with some sort of neurodevelopmental disorder so the information would benefit everyone here. 

Hi!  I work with individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and have been very involved locally with training on trauma within my agency as well as the community.  I am interested in a group that would address the needs of the disability community in relation to trauma.

As a school counselor I too see a great need for this new community. 

I work in at a low-SES, high-risk elementary school where we happen to have the largest Emotional and Behavioral Disorder classroom in our district. All student in that classroom are classified as Special Education. In this population, low income, low parental education achievement, high unemployment, and cultural and/or historic adversities, a SpEd diagnosis can be counted as another ACE.

My administrators are open, but I am looking for specific research or articles that show the connection between ACEs and sped populations as well as evidence based trauma informed interventions for SpEd students.

I am looking into TBRI currently. 

I am interested in joining this type of community as well. I am a program analyst for an organization that offers services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities across the lifespan, in addition to elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. I am seeking resources about trauma in these populations in order to inform our care and impact evaluation models, in addition to cost-effective staff training resources.

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Hi a few years ago, @Steve Marcal of the HEARTS Network in Albany NY created : A Trauma-Informed Toolkit for Providers in the Field of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.  You can find it at the link below on ACN


And here's a link to the companion blog post for the toolkit by @Steve Marcal and @Shawn Trifoso:  https://www.acesconnection.com...lectual-disabilities 

I work and live in a small community. Our R & R does not have a department specific to meeting the needs of individuals in this group but we are working on promoting more inclusive environments for children by providing education to our providers on the subject. To that end I would definitely be interested in joining a community that is focused on working with this demographic.

I would welcome this idea very much. I have been searching for evidence-base information on ACES specific for the ID/DD population and not much is available. I have a son with ASD and school trauma which is a common theme in my area. Our local family advocate group has been searching for information to raise awareness for our children. Count me in!

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