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I don’t know of β€˜a’ group here in the city, just that a great many of us ARE ACEs informed, aware, studied, practiced (thank goodness)., and using this knowledge every day in our work.

There are a great many courses, trainings, etc. out there - sort of a good news/bad news  affair in that there are so many - but I haven’t personally encountered any β€˜bad’ ones. 

Mare you looking for services, support, training, a community or...? I want to be helpful!

Reply to me directly if you like. 

Kind regards, Jondi

Hi Jondi, thanks for your reply. I'm looking for all of that stuff. I have good therapeutic support at the moment and have explored many groups and resources here in NYC in recent years, but I feel like there's got to be something more than what i'm aware of. I have a strong, desperate need to participate in community and training and activism of some kind.

I'm sending you this same reply privatelyβ€”we can communicate here publicly or privately if you wish.


Larry Auerbach posted:

I live in New York City, and am a child abuse/ACES survivor. Is there any ACES Connection activity in this area? If there was, I would love to get involved. I just looked at the geographic communities map and didn't see any.

Hi Larry, the short answer is YES there is a group in New York! It is called (hyperlink in blue text) New York state ACEs Action and the community manager is Shawn Trifoso please consider joining (by click the red button)! 

NY State ACEs Community header

Also, please know that ACEs Connections encourages folks to review the List of ACEs Connection Communities - and join any groups that they feel drawn to. There are about 300 communities - some focused on a geographic area, others focused on a topic (e.g. ACEs in Education, Parenting with ACEs, etc).

On our homepage - there is a box called Mapping the Movement, if you click on the box it opens a map of all the communities in the US and internationally. 

If you do not see a community in your area, consider reaching out to your regional community facilitator - click on Who We Are to find your best contact.

In a dreamy world - ACEs Connection members would find a local community and an interest based group to join! 

I hope this is useful!


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  • NY State ACEs Community header

Hi Larry:

I've got a few more things for your consideration. 

Here are some other communities in NY. You can go to Communities and plug "NY" into the search to find communities in your state:

Finger Lakes (NY) ACEs Connection

Docs for Tots – Long Island (NY) ACEs Connection

Dutchess County (NY) ACES Task Force

You are welcome to join those communities to hear who is doing what across the state (though I realize it's not right in NYC).

Also, One of the co-authors of the Parenting with PTSD book is in NY and is a member. Her name is @Dawn Daum.  The filmmaker, @ana joanes who made the Wrestling Ghosts documentary is in NY. 

Please reach out if I can help in any way.

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