Anyone ever see anything published to connect ACE's with CTE or Tau protein pathologies?

Does anyone know of any published or other materials that address possible connections between persons having a high ACE's (adverse childhood experiences) score or lifetime chronic (toxic, allostatic-load) stress with persons having chronic traumatic encephalopathy, CTE and/or abnormal tau protein pathologies?
Given that the mind, consciousness, and mentality are biological, so too, necessarily, is culture; Culture is biology.
A correlation between ACE's and either CTE or tau pathologies would be the equivalent of "behaviorally transmitted neurodegeneration" - a staggering concept - and if true, one that hints at a larger-picture socio-cultural evolutionary homeostasis between competitive-scarcity-fear-based and cooperative-abundance-based mindsets writ-large. A connection that would perhaps be visible both economically and politically at the largest scales - and that may be playing out in the present day, some would surely argue. 
Much to think on, yes?
To reiterate; Has anyone ever see anything published to connect ACE's with CTE or Tau protein pathologies?
ACE has been associated with high CRP, c-reactive protein markers.
High CRP has been associated with high tau-protein markers.
Following a transitive logic, one may thus reasonably hypothesize an association between high ACE and high tau-protein measures.
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Published in final edited form as:
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From Childhood Trauma to Elevated C-Reactive Protein in Adulthood: The Role of Anxiety and Emotional Eating


The Relationship between Tau Protein and C-Reactive Protein during Ischemic Stroke (P01.218)

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