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Please check the job requirements and description before applying.  Please use the link at the end of this post to apply.

Full-time EXEMPT Hiring Range: $52,978 - $66,222

Location: North Carolina

Job Summary The Resilient Communities Officer studies community partnerships who focus on young children and families and builds local partnerships’ capacities to improve outcomes for families with young children and foster healthy and resilient communities. Through relationship-based practice the Resilient Communities Officer will discover and document trauma, ACES, resilience-related activity across the Smart Start Network. Works closely with the Early Childhood Systems Director to leverage network expertise and infrastructure to advance collective impact strategies within the local partnerships. Leads community systems development activities for the Smart Start network. Collaborates with the Prevent Child Abuse, NCIOM, Smart Start local partnerships, state-level partners and local committees to increase collective benefits through cross-system collaboration. This is a three-year grant-funded position, with full benefits and possible continuation of additional funding.

For a description of responsibilities, please click here:

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Unfortunately, I do not have the college degrees to qualify to apply for this position, because our state especially the south eastern region desperately needs a Resilient communities officer!. I am a victim/survivor who lost a child to her father/abuser through our family court system and cps. This reply is not to bash the judicial system and evaluators and such but to educate and share that I spent three years researching cross-system collaboration, searching for providers that the internet or local domestic Violence services suggested I contact and always hit a dead end. Aside from the fact my child didn't receive proper evaluations and therapies during custody battles when I had in home therapists and past police reports and documentation with cps that she was a victim of abuse suffering symptoms of mental illness and trauma with ptsd, when my negative aces and anxiety disorder heightened I was then targeted as a danger to her so the abuse was ignored, it triggered my ptsd from having been his victim and watching my child be victimized by him and the system, I turned to amphetamines to cope because the multi agency or community collaboration DID NOT FOLLOW BEST PRACTICES or any of their own procedures and policies. Actually suggested when I requested help, all men's groups or places that don't take uninsured clients. I've since found other mother's such as myself but still can't find support groups, a psychologist office that returns calls, a physician that will see me, and I fit the criteria in multiple aspects of the Resilient Communities project. Along with my other children from a prior marriage this has affected. We essentially touch on most all cause, effect and outcome the ACES study and report summarize. I hope when I read through future posts here I see more replies especially posts requesting partnerships and people to help these kids. I mention Aces and advocacy and community collaboration and awareness and am shocked at his few people have any idea what I'm talking about. Sad

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