The only training I have is my 53 years of trauma based war on a daily basis that has really ruined alot of my abilities to make a profound difference in getting the word out about this pandemic level dysfunctional disease, and I am sure I am not alone in that I live in a community that doesn't want to hear it. And frankly it is dragging me back further and further trying to fight them.

So I began to try and brainstorm...who or what will get through to these hard headed people who refuse to even read a handout on this when it is sooooo obviously killing off our trauma inflicted with the health condition stats, self medicating deterioration, suicide rates and on and on.

I myself have the musical influence of the band "KORN" to thank for my strength and my every breath since I found the healing qualities of their message which has created a following of fans that call ourselves "Children of the Korn" We are a world wide family who find healing, life saving healing every single minute of everyday for over 25 years now. I used to sit in the fan chat rooms and hear kids as young as 9 years old testify that korns music is the only thing that keeps them from taking out their fathers gun and ending the pain. I tried to end my life at 9 by taking a bunch of my mothers pills so that when she found me dead and how I did it it would avenge the pain she caused me with her brutal mental abuse since before I was born. Being only 9 and no research resources I just assumed her valuim at 10 mg 10 ct would surely do the trick. My first fail at many more attempts to come after. 

My idea is that celebrities have a huge high scoring a.c.e. test potential as we see the effects all the time in entertainment news....the tragedies, the struggles, the success stories. One name is leading in dedicating her lifes work to help the mental health crisis...Lady Gaga.

I want to figure out a way to get a grassroots campaign going that can reach out to every musician, actor, celebrities of all kinds to share our studies with them and ask them to at minimal support spreading the message through their fans. Fans are dedicated to whatever their idols are passionate about. examples....Grateful dead, Beatles, Rolling stones....heck even Bruno mars! Dr. Drew needs some serious updated training in the latest data he could be such a great celebrity advocate. 

I am posting this in hopes someone who could help me make this happen would reach out to me because face it, this would have the quickest, most successful way to make fighting the causes of A.C.E.'s, healing the elders and trending the future.

Sorry if I am a lil hard to read but if i proof read you will never see this post. OCD sucks


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