Hello everyone, I am currently working on a pilot research project through a Doctorate program focusing on developing a culturally modified trauma-informed workshop for Latino/Hispanic parents.  I am looking for any samples of a pre-post test survey in Spanish that will address the level of knowledge about the subject of childhood trauma and ACEs.   Any Spanish resources for a training or pre-post surveys would be helpful for my project.  

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I don't know about pre-post test surveys but am going to tag a few of 
my co-workers who might be able to help or connect you with others who can. 

@Laurie Udesky (ACEs Connection Staff)

@Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)

@Morgan Vien (ACEs Connection Staff)

We have a Spanish version of the Understanding ACEs and Parenting to Prevent and Heal ACEs handouts here (thanks to Family Hui). 


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