Would anyone be able to suggest the appropriate field of trained clinician/MD etc.? A Dr. of Neurology and Psychiatry, an LCSW? I live in St. Louis and am able to search practitioners who say they do EMDR or biofeedback but with so many claiming their ability to use certain modalities, might it be best to start with neurologist/psychiatrist?

(I found a post on here from 2015 regarding the above but perhaps in 2019 one would be best to inquire where?)

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Hi Robyn, It's difficult to advise you on the type of practitioner that might be best for you without knowing your history and diagnosis if you have one. My advice would be to find a clinical psychologist or LCSW experienced in trauma and bring them a timeline of what has happened to you, how old you were, who did it and what effect(s) it has had on you as well as your ACE assessment. A psychiatrist will most likely put you on medication and they can have dangerous side -effects, so proceed with caution. 

this is more explicit ...sorry ...I believe I left my question too vague, sorry; I will try to be more specific by re-addressing the article I read on here back in 2015 about neuro or bio feedback being excellent possibility to help with early attachment/development issues...the prelude to a very long history of incidents, trauma and disassociating or changing myself to keep safe.  thank you for your consideration.


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I've been on 85% of psych meds and to say they're dangerous is too reductive, as the variable are wide. I prefer barely useful, overpriced, and side effect profiles can ruin your sex life and relationship, constipate you, cause uncontrolled movements, hair loss..... but, because suicide plans, hearing voices, Major Depression, your brain re-wires to deal with trauma but now lacks focus and concentration, obsessive intrusional thinking, psychotic episodes etc  are so horrible that each day is hell....well, weigh the risks and yep, it may help a bit. Some have dangers yet the ultimate pity is these psych meds are the worst meds given to treat disease...the psych drs. have crap to work with and research is slow. Every other department (oncology, dermatology etc) has new meds with few side effects or they actually do result in improvement. I'm over 45 and never took a psych med til age 27. 

History: Covert narcissistic emotional abuse by mom, emotionally unavailable father but he never left (til I was 21) and i'm sure my mom could manipulate or usurp him, The section regarded attachment disorder and I fit more in avoidant. ...my mother was not nurturing (e.g. my feed schedule was too demanding at 3 weeks, so was switched to formula and put on different schedule to suit her, less feedings.) she became a daily drunk from age 5-10 and stopped drinking when I was 11. She didn't need AA after awhile cuz she always knows what best for her, like not changing. 

I did a timeline during a family of origin group and it was long. When I was done presenting the details, basically just reciting off the paper scroll; I had a bodily reaction, of shaking as if one's terrorized. I shook in front of 6 people and was struck by my thought, "they were trying to kill me." I shook a few minutes and rejoined myself a bit later

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