Hi community, I got a message from an acquaintance living in Guyana whose friend suffered a very traumatic loss of their little girl. She is wondering what are some accessible resources on grief (and I would add, on trauma and PTSD) that she can give to her friend, who is the girl's uncle, so that he can help his sister and his brother-in-law through the loss of their daughter. Right now they are in the thick of the court case about it,  and are really struggling. 


Could be books, articles, YouTube videos, websites...


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Laura- thank you so much for your care for your friend and her friends/family.  I would like to recommend resources available through the Grief Recovery Institute.  Their website is www:griefrecoverymethod.com.  Two of their books would be good resources - the Grief Recovery Handbook -  for those who are grieving this loss.  And When Children Grieve - a book for ADULTS - to help children deal better with loss and grief...  this family may have other children in their midst who will be grieving the loss of their friend as well.  Also on the website they can find someone to guide them through the GR program - perhaps not in person in Guana - but there are Advance Trained speciaists who are permitted to work the program with grievers in 7 online sessions.  You'll see on the website how to "Find Support" and can look for in person specialists anywhere - and also the online folks.  There is also a group of Advance Trained specialists who are permitted to do the program in a 2-day format - not ideal but sometimes the only option available - or when the trauma is so significant that a more immediate processing seems appropriate.  And finally, you might search the blogs to see if any of those would be helpful in this situation.  The Grief Recovery Method has recently (earlier in 2019) to be an evidence based program shown to significantly improve persons' knowledge, attitudes and behaviors surrounding their grief.  Information about the study can also be found on the website.  If you have questions about the program or the Institute, please don't hesitate to contact me - lhall@griefrecoverymethod.com.   I hope your friends find the support they seek.... and again, thank YOU for helping them do that.   Lois


Please look Emotional Freedom Techniques.  I have successfully used this with clients around loss and bereavement (even early stages), its a great self-help tool as well as an effective therapeutic tool when used with a trained practitioner.  There are variants using the technique which are more powerful than even basic EFT.

https://eftinternational.org is a great starting point for quality trained practitioners (I will state for the record I am a member of their Ethics Committee).  EFT is producing good outcomes for PTSD & Trauma see research here:  https://eftinternational.org/d...ft-science-research/   and here: https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.ener..._of_Evidence_-_J.pdf

If you want to speak to me please do get in touch.  

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I have lost two children my 9 year daughter in 1987 and my 44 year old son in 2016. I have gone to self help group meetings ,"The Compassionate Friends".I really feel relieved of the stress of loss while I am at the meetings listening to and sharing about my own grief. It is a room filled with people just like me,who have lost a child and I know that they understand .I do not feel alone. Nothing is going to fix it.The grief is forever,but the journey can be shared,the load lightened. 

I recommend checking out, and perhaps interacting with other members, in the Practicing Resilience for Self-Care and Healing community. There are many resources that are geared towards the individual, family, and close community. And there are lots of wonderful members who may have suggestions of resources. The ACEs Connection Resources Center may be useful as well; please navigate by clicking through the Blog Directory in the right tool bar.  Hope this helps!

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