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Hi all!

I generally work with late teens/young adults so would love any tips from folks who work on the younger end of the spectrum or have more experience on the parenting end of the spectrum. I'm looking for recommendations on resources (readings, videos, etc.) for parents raising  a pre-adolescent child who is a survivor of early sexual abuse. Bonus points if there's any great content on handling this issue as adoptive parents.

Thank you!

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thanks for your work - and thanks for asking!  I'd recommend When Children Grieve - it will provide you with a tool and method for listening to children and for helping them give voice to the things they need to address re their abuse/relationships.  Even better - got to and under "our programs" look for one of our Grief Recovery Method  Specialists who can work with you - to share those tools/methods with you in preparing to work with the child.  Or - email me at and I can help you find someone to go through the program with you.  again - thanks SO much for caring these these kids...


I heartily agree with the recommendation above.  I have used their Grief Recover Handbook and it's amazing.

Regarding trauma and adoption, I can't recommend Heather Forbes and enough.  Her work saved our family.  She is working very hard in the trauma informed schools movement, but I recommend her parenting books Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control (2 volumes) and Dare to Love as well as her Beyond Consequences LIVE dvd.  There are also videos online you can stream.   All the best to you!


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