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Hello.  Having only this year read about the ACEs Study, I am new to this website.  Originally, I came here to find personal stories, similar to mine, to see how others have fared in life with seven ACEs. Not having found that right away and dismayed that so few people, including medical professionals, have not heard of ACEs, I am considering writing a book.  It would include a primer on the ACEs Study and subsequent movement, a brief autobiographical section, and a discussion of how the two external forces, trauma and resilience, influenced the academic, professional, social, and medical outcomes in my life so far (I am 68 years old).  Internal factors, such as genetic predispositions should also be considered.  Finally, I would like to include a discussion of the relief I have experienced since learning know what a qualified success I have become. 

My hope is to share with other ACEs survivors the good news that, if they feel they have fallen short in life, they are a much bigger success than they realize.  My first thought was to approach a prestigious University Press with a book proposal. But it could take years for me, a retired marine biologist, to reach the level of expertise Ivy League Editors expect and, this may not be the best way to reach my intended audience.

So, I, a newcomer with a wealth of personal ACEs experience, am looking to the ACEs community for advice.  My wife has been encouraging me to write a book for 44 years, so I am pretty well set on that.  Is this a good, timely idea?  Is there a better way to reach those who may be suffering with the guilt and shame of ACEs?

If this site has private messaging, I would be glad to provide anyone interested with more details about my experience.  I will look forward to hearing from you.

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I think a book is a great idea! I do tend to see this site as more of a resource for support folks rather than survivors of trauma. There are a few of us here, but I don't think it's the focus. You might be able to find more connections to people who want to share their stories on other sites. As I think about it, Reddit has an CPTSD sub, and that would be a great place for you to connect with people. Here's the link:

Hi Charles,
What a great idea! I am so glad you have found your way to ACEs Connection! We are a diverse group of folks, many with personal and professional interests in ACEs, and some are even motivated (like yourself) to take meaningful action.

Please know there is a space here for you as a survivor, writer, curious observer - or whatever role feels right. Please keep us updated on the progress of your book!  

If you have not done so already, please consider checking out the communities on our ACEs Connection platform. There are literally hundreds! I hope that you will find one or more that feels right for you. 

*Everyone can see the communities - but to interact, post, ask questions, etc., you need to "join" that community.

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Wishing you all the best! Thanks for sharing your dreamy idea with us! By sharing your ideas, you may spark another person to follow their dream as well! 


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The Deepest Well and Hope Rising are two books that similarly mix memoir with ACEs science. I love to read memoirs so I would definitely encourage you to write in that way and just include the ACEs science as a perspective for looking at your life. I don't have any knowledge of publishers but maybe you could look at the publishers of these two books. Also Hillbilly Elegy is similar but without the science.  

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