Human Dignity is not something adults often associate with childhood or children. Yet when we were children support for and violations of our human dignity were often felt at the deepest levels. Memories of these experiences are carried with us into our adulthoods. This is where ACES research and the work of Alice Miller come together.

For over 20 years my late colleague Dr, Karen  A. Polonko and I have been asking students in our undergraduate classes to write about their experiences with human dignity in an effort to help them connect to their childhoods and the children in their lives. The Adults Remember: Human Dignity in Childhood Project seeks to expand the breadth of experiences beyond those of our students and to collect remembrances from a more global population. 

Please see the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS link below for information about the project and how you can contribute. Please feel free to distribute the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS to students, colleagues, friends or anyone you know who has had a childhood! All contributions are welcome. 

Questions about the project may be sent to: 

Dr. Lucien X. Lombardo, Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA 23508. E-mail: 

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Adults Remember Childhood Experiences with Human Dignity


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