Dear Friends, I appreciate this community so much.  I am a pediatrician from Long Beach, CA and I am really committed to spreading the research about ACES and how we can heal, especially among physicians to address burn-out.   I will be facilitating a mindfulness and yoga retreat for physicians in April and will discuss ACES, trauma informed health care, resilience, as well as post traumatic growth.  I have asked the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and UCSC Center for Mindfulness if they would sponsor CME Credits.  They declined because I am not on faculty.  I cannot ask my work place because I am doing this outside of work.  Does anybody have any recommendations for other institutions that would be willing to sponsor CME Credits?  I am happy to submit slides for review.  Thanks in advance, Juliet Hwang 

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Hi Juliet, congratulations on designing such a forward thinking retreat! A couple thoughts come to mind about requirements that must be met to qualify for CMEs in California (vs with institutional policies). Previously organizations were audited regarding their CME approval practices and since then it has become more difficult to obtain approval.  As I understand the requirements - over 50% of the participants must be MDs. Your CV needs to support that you’re a subject matter expert. The learning objectives need to connect all these dots with your target audience-PEDS practice. On the upside- whoever does provide the CMEs will have a significant potential for growing their market share in an area that is having explosive growth! I wish you all the best! Karen Clemmer 


I have two suggestions, both of which have worked for me in the past. 

1. Find someone who is faculty who would be willing to collaborate with you on this project. Most faculty need to show that they are developing new programs in order to get promoted although they really don't have much time. However if you already have the program in place and the only part they have to play is helping with objectives so you can get CME it becomes very attractive and they can add it to their CV.

2. Speak to representatives from insurance plans. Most insurance plans have money set aside for projects like this and they usually have physicians on their boards that can facilitate getting CME's and a lot of times they will provide money/meals at the conference itself in exchange for being a vendor.

Hopefully this helps. You are in CA and with all the things Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris is doing you might want to see if you can get her email and reach out to her about this problem. 

Good luck!

April Hartman

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