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Hi all. Thought I would share a resource for a combat veterans certificate program that I've been participating in through Michigan State U. It's through their social work program, but in addition to credit classes for those enrolled in the university, there is also a non-credit option for those of us already working in a human services field. I just finished the first class, and it is really well done. Here is the link for more info: Combat Veterans Certificate.



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Thank you for that! I’ll check it out and I’m glad to know about it. I’ve been working with veterans for a long time, and so appreciate our focusing on their needs. The procedures and conditions offered them for non-medical needs are sad and inadequate, for the most part.  I’m glad to hear you’ve found something good. Love more conversation with interested people on this; we could help each other better help our veterans. I’m offering one of my emotional first-aid courses in Sacramento in October, and making it free for veterans. Message me for more if interested. Thank you for sharing the course you liked. 

Recently I came across the attached document that may be of use to families who are utilizing VA services. This document shows how this organization weaves medical and legal services - which are often tangled together. Maybe this resource could be of use to you or others at MSU. Thanks, Karen

Here is the title: 
VA MEDICAL-LEGAL PARTNERSHIP READINESS GUIDE Building and Strengthening Medical-Legal Partnerships for Veterans June 2019

Here is more background:
This Guide was developed at the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health with support from the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR MEDICAL-LEGAL PARTNERSHIP leads education, research, and technical assistance efforts to help every health organization in the United States leverage legal services as a standard part of the way they respond to social needs. Our mission is to foster a system in which all health organizations can leverage these services. Over the last decade, the National Center’s work has helped cultivate programs that do just that at nearly 350 hospitals and health centers across the U.S. Learn more at medical-legal or follow us on Twitter at @National_MLP.


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