Confusion as to the purpose of this site

Hi, Veronica: This is a social network for people who are implementing -- or thinking about implementing -- trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on the science of adverse childhood experiences for themselves, their families, the organizations they work in or for which they volunteer, and their communities. 

We have about 70 groups that focus on particular interests (e.g., ACEs in Education), as well as geographic-based groups. (Click on the groups tab in the top navigation bar to see the current list of groups.)

We will be starting a group that focuses on individual healing soon, and we'll announce that in our weekly roundup. 

If you're looking for something now, there's a Facebook group that people who developed a community in the comments on Got Your ACE Score? on our companion news site ACEsTooHigh formed --

Please let me know if  you have any other questions!

Cheers, Jane

Hello Veronica and Jane,

Over time, as I follow this site, reading articles, stories, and relevant links, I've noticed that I am learning to perceive my personal experiences in a broader, more sympathetic yet objective manner, almost as if a "professional" observer now occasionally joins the intermittent yet ongoing dialogue inside my head. Perhaps this is called cognative growth.

 It's been a relief, and also a sorrow, to learn that there are so many of us with these concerns.  Thank you for the link to the companion news site.

Wishing you both courage, strength and enlightenment.


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