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I am a Social Worker who is paired with a Sheriff - we both address the same situations - but we differ in our approach. Part of my role is to provide trauma-informed training for law enforcement personnel. The question of ACEs among law enforcement and military comes up frequently, but I don’t have the data they’re seeking.  Any leads, ideas, suggestions? 

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Hello Karen,

I have a doctoral student who reached out to me about wanting to collect some ACEs data on first responders locally and she's awaiting IRB approval.  I'm not aware of any study yet that exists where this has been done and if you find one please share.  I compiled a trauma informed policing training that is certified in both TN and OK and I've been training officers with it.  Part of the training is around providing law enforcement with tools to reduce trauma on scene for children and the other part is on officer self-care.  Last year more officers took their own lives than were killed in the line of duty and there's very little content to address this in law enforcement training.



Hi Becky & Karen,
There has been a bit of recent research in this area.  Here are a couple of 2019 articles you might find interesting:

Becky, I would love to learn more about the research you are doing.  One of my colleagues is designing a study on a group intervention for improving police officer well-being.


Hi there,

I have also been looking into wellness for law enforcement officers. It's good to know the larger community is now acknowledging the impact of chronic stress  officers. There are some trainings I found which have been implemented. It would be interesting to look at retention rates with and without these trainings . Below are the links:


I hope this helps



I am grateful for the links shared as I am hoping to develop services and training for staff at the agency I work.  I am also very interested in the research on ACEs in law enforcement and corrections, and would appreciate any information your learn.  Good luck, Karen.  The work you do is very appreciated and very much needed!

Re Veterans:  The research literature is rich with data on "pre-military" (prior to 18) rates of child abuse etc. not the exact ACE categories but good data.  The military used to screen everyone entering for prior always hovered around 50% both male and female.  I am also attaching a peer-reviewed article I did that includes data on women Veterans and multiple categories of abuse.  This is dated (2005) but there is some literature out there on these topics.


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