I don't know of someone who trains in de-escalation, but I travel the country and teach CE for Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for secondary Trauma and I think you just inspired me to create a new program to add de-escalation.  

I went to your website - good luck on all your good works!



I am a Professional Level Trainer for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, which is out of Cornell University.  It is well researched and trauma informed.  It is more thorough than most curricula and training out there on this topic; the full training takes 28 hours, but is well worth the time and investment; there are multiple levels of certification available, however, that take less time.  There is also a school version of this curriculum.  Another curriculum I like is MANDT.   If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.  keith@harmonyfamilycenter.org

Kind Regards,

Keith A. Bailey, Ph.D.

Training Director - Harmony Family Center

ChildTrauma Academy Fellow

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