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dear community:

I am wondering if other people have experienced more of the physical limitations that comes from trauma.  Within the last few years i have had some challenges in my ability to walk, balance etc.. I see a Chiropractor, phsychotherapist and Zen Shiatsu therapist who works somatically with me. I have been working on healing childhood trauma for over 16 years and I am an 8 on the scale i believe.  I do have degenerative disc disease and some arthritis. I ride my bike really well and use it primarily for my mobility support while i am figuring out how to support myself. I have a strong Qi Chong practice and i work incrementally with my Shiatsu therapist on this... I also have some basic excerises from my physio who does not really understand i don't think.. I lost 30lbs then gained some of it back during covid and working with my eating disorder dietican coming from health at every size approach...

i live with type2 diabetes and other autoimmune dis eases....which i understand.... suggestions? i am being referred to a physiatrist i don't know if this Dr understands Trauma...


My therapist and i are working with the parts of myself who are still living in fear and don't trust this life i am giving myself... i speak to this on my website ... and now not sure how to work differently with the lack of mobility then not sure..

suggestion was an MRI how does one work that through if being in a long tube is claustrophic and triggering... please excuse the spelling

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Hi Sheri,

Thank you for sharing your experiences and some of your worries here. A couple of thoughts that came to mind, which you may already be familiar with but felt worth mentioning. EMDR therapy can be a helpful method for reprocessing past traumas and integrating new beliefs into our brains and bodies. I also have had a positive experience with using EFT tapping and have read several accounts of it supporting physical pain/barriers weighing on the body.

I also did a Google search about how to relax during an MRI, and there are lots of suggestions out there. I wonder if any resonate with you and could be helpful to practice in advance of getting an MRI. Here are two of the links I pulled first:


I hope you can find healing and wellness in your journey.

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