My name is Jane Chandler. I'm a nurse for over 30 years, an author and have attained certification to educate and train groups to prevent child abuse/trauma and work to create resiliency in our kids. I am committed to creating Trauma Informed Communities with a focus in schools and in healthcare.

I have been speaking for well over a year to small groups, service organizations, schools and churches about the ACE Study, creating supportive communities and simple ways to create Resiliency.  My presentations are well received but I want to start working with others in Denver who are also focused and working in this area to prevent Child Abuse/ Trauma.

I am building out the ACEsConnection Denver Metro site  …. but honestly I feel very alone "out here".  I created a non-profit called Stop The Cycle TOGETHER because I see many Denver Metro groups and organizations that are doing great work but are very siloed. I know that greater connection will help so many more in our Denver area if we work together. Grantors are looking for non-profit collaboration on grant proposals. That would also be a benefit of coordinating efforts. 

I know there have to be others in Metro Denver who are also working in this area.  Please reach out so that we can actually collaborate our efforts, meet occasionally for coffee and stay in touch to support each others' efforts.  I truly believe we can help so many more kids and families by working TOGETHER!  

Please Private Message me or contact me at jane@stopthecycletogether.com

I hope to hear from you soon!


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