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Question from a community manager:

Do you have a favorite handouts (etc) to share with people seeking services at family resource centers, social service agencies, probation, health centers, and others? 

What works in your community - how are you getting information out to folks who may have lower literacy skills and or speak multiple languages? Do you leave materials in the waiting rooms or? 

If you have suggestions, please share them in the comments below. The hope is to find a collection of handouts, flyers, posters, etc which can be print and shared with individuals and agencies throughout the community. 

*She has accessed the materials on ACEs Connection. 
Thank you!

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Jane Stevens (ACEs Connection staff) posted:

A handout about what?

If it's ACEs science, here's a link to handouts about ACEs science, including handouts for parents, general public, teens, businesses, etc. —

Let me clarify - she has the opportunity to place health education materials in waiting rooms in a variety of agencies that serve vulnerable individuals and families. Additionally, she can provide information to the staff who work in these agencies.  

She is looking for materials that provide clear information for those with limited education and or English as a second language.  She is seeking health education materials (in a variety of formats) that bring awareness and deepen the reader's understanding of ACEs science, trauma, resilience and more. And, ideally, those that could be modified (with credit) to add their local contact information.

Thank you!

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