What do you want fellow ACEs Connection members affected by the hurricane and floods in North Carolina and South Carolina -- or in any natural disaster -- to know? Especially people with high ACE scores? Or people who were already working with trauma survivors?

Wildfires and mudslides in California. Hurricanes and relentless flooding in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii, and Japan. Volcanic eruptions in Guatemala and Hawaii. Bomb cyclones in New England. Earthquakes in New Guinea, Mexico, Taiwan. Epic windstorms across Europe. The list of places struck by extreme natural disasters now also includes North Carolina and South Carolina.

Here at ACEs Connection we wondered what words of encouragement or wisdom that members from other states and countries want to share our friends in the Carolinas?

For people who work with people who have high ACE scores, or for people who have high ACEs scores, natural disasters can trigger feelings of panic, fear, distrust, guilt.

With that thought in mind, if you've been through a disaster, this year, or ever, and have learned something you think could be of value, we invite you to share it here.

Before the natural disaster that affected you:

 1. What do you wish you'd known?
 2. What is the one thing you wish you'd had?
 3. What might you do differently?

And feel free to add to these resources:

Sonoma Fire Recovery
CDC Caring for Kids During a Disaster 
Disaster Preparedness and Response 

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@Holly White-Wolfe, Katharine Briar-Lawson, @Rosa Ana Lozada@Claire Ranit, and @Robin Saenger collaborated on the attached resource guide, Addressing Trauma and Building Resiliency as Comprehensive Disaster Planning and Response.  You can also read more about it here (Sonoma County ACEs Connection) and here (Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities). 


Hi Carey,
I am a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and my colleagues and I have put together a resource designed to help anyone who has experienced a natural disaster of any kind.  The folks in Butte County, CA are currently using it with great success in the aftermath of the fires there.  Please email me at suzie at suziegruber.com if you have any questions about it.



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