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Greetings fellow ACEs community members,  

It is such an honor to be member of the ACEs Connection community. Thank you to everyone for the important work that you do!

I am very interested in learning more about EFT/Tapping as a stress relief and  healing modality. I am curious to hear more about the experiences of other ACEs community member who might have used EFT to assist their clients/students.

If you have used EFT with your clients/students, what have been your experiences? What have been the experiences of your clients/students?

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So I have used it personally and can speak to that; I also introduced it to a client when I worked at a domestic violence shelter and we walked through a tapping session for grounding during a panic attack she had. 

My personal experience using it has been positive - I learned about it at the suggestion of my therapist. The first video I watched was and I was convinced that there was 'something' to this method. Nick Ortner's book The Tapping Solution was another resource I encountered to learn more. In my own life, I have found tapping to be useful as an anti-anxiety grounding technique that comes in handy in a pinch - it's easy to go unnoticed or do a quick session away from others. I have also found it useful for processing emotions and experiences related to trauma, stress, and depression in particular.

I have not used tapping with other clients, but when I share the info with them I usually offer to send the above video first so they can get a sense of what it is about. I tend to also ask if they are interested in 'alternative or more holistic approaches' to their healing process.

I have used EFT for myself for 7 or 8 years. I have introduced it to clients in my counseling work, which I am just getting started in. I give my clients the link to the tutorials on and they do on their own and we occasionally do it together in sessions. I'm hesitant to push clients to tap on their worst experiences, since I am not certified and completely self taught from books and online info. My most miraculous success has been with a child with PTSD. It only took two sessions with a little tapping and some art (drawing) therapy then a couple more sessions to make sure it wasn't an anomaly. I should note that the child was in loving stable foster care with a close relative and his school had made some positive changes in their methods of behavior management.

Hi Julianna,

I am the author of Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience.  It is a 12 hour curriculum to overcome trauma.  it is being used in schools and community agencies all over the country.  Tapping or EFT is part of this program.  I consider it a keystone for wellness. Nothing is quite as effective, does not need a therapist and it is weird.  I love it. 

Rather than look at the person who has made a fortune doing this work, I like the work done by Robin Bilazarian.  Check her website and books.  Her video on how to do Tapping is great.  She will not send you tons of emails trying to sell you something.  She has been part of the early research on this and stays current on all the newest information regarding this topic.  I think you will love her.

If you want to check my curriculum please go to

Stay in touch I would love to hear how it goes.



The website I recommend is mainly for the wealth of information it gives out for free. They haven't made a penny from me. Sometimes they send too many emails, but I can delete them quicker than they can send them.

It's good to hear of other trainers in the country.  A trainer that I hope to go to someday is Valorie Lis who lives closer to my location. Her website is at 

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