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HI everyone- i encourage everyone to check out our Growing Resilient Communities (GRC 2.0) documents (found HERE) and Ingrid (, our Midwest Community Facilitator can get you started, Treston & Erica. 

And Cissy ( can help with Maine.  

And Jennifer is correct, Tarpon Springs Florida has a wealth of experience (we include many of their tools on our GRC documents).  On their home page you will see several of their champions and you can reach out to them.

Hi All- I've been looking for similar posts on this site for a bit now! I'm a social worker/new doctoral student (and trauma educator in the community) and hoping to focus on how communities heal trauma through harnessing their resilience and gather stories around this. I would love to be part of a group that shares what is happening!

Caroline Campbell, Philadelphia, Pa

Hello All,

I am Grateful for your help and concern

I am actually purchasing some property to start this Resilient Community...this will enable our organization to provide housing along with professional behavioral healthcare and providing an outpatient detox modality used for Opiates.

I am a therapist and counselor so if you are a professional or subject matter expert...Please send me any pertinent links and attachments on this Topic. 

This for me is the "New Green Deal" for Addiction, Stress and Social Healthcare Recovery from generational stress and trauma.


Hi, I echo the recommendation regarding Tarpon Springs.  They are a very similar sized community.  In addition to resources about them on their own website and here on ACEs Connection they were a Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities community and you can find information about them on the MARC website

Caroline Campbell please feel free to contact me about the Philadelphia ACE Task Force.

Alfred White posted:

I too am trying to create the same Seattle...maybe we can chat?

Hi Alfred,

Are you connected with the work in the surrounding areas of Seattle? There is a WA State Community Page here on ACEs Connection, and Whatcom Family and Community Network is doing some great things around ACEs/Resilience. Kitsap Strong and Thurston Thrives might also have something you would be interested in modeling it after. Staff from all of these organizations were very open when we started asking about experiences. We recently started the Tacoma-Pierce County ACEs Connection community as a result of this as well, and Project Child Success is doing work with Strengthening Families 5 Protective Factors framework.

Hi Everyone:

I love seeing all the new communities bubbling up. A few ways to explore what other communities have done and are doing to consider below though lots of great stuff has already been shared above: 

I hope some of that is helpful. 

And hello - @David Cote: Let me know when you want to take next step RE: Maine. 



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Alfred White posted:

I too am trying to create the same Seattle...maybe we can chat?

Hi Alfred,

I think Kody Russell with Kitsap County is a good connection for you, I see someone else mentioned him and also folks in Bellingham with the Whatcom County community and family network (Kristi Slette is director). Here in Walla Walla we continue to build a resilient community (our County is about 60,000 and Walla Walla itself is 32,000 folks). Our website ( offers some resources. Our June conference might be helpful as you dive in too, many presenters will be sharing their stories of their respective journeys in this work. Thank you, 

Teri Barila

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