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Hi everyone, I’m a documentary filmmaker. I’m working on a remarkable story of resilience, and I wanted to share a teaser/trailer with this community to see if such a film could be helpful in educating and/or raising awareness of ACEs and resilience.

Fashioning Charel follows Charel, a single mother of two striving to break the cycle of her family losing children to foster care, as she leaves a secure job and paycheck to pursue what she feels is her true calling as a fashion designer.  Woven into this current-day drama is also the story of her past, which includes a childhood saturated with complex trauma and toxic stress (an ACE score of 7 or 8), and thankfully also people and cultural influences that helped her to be resilient.

I’m currently transitioning to post-production, and I’m very interested in feedback from this community. Through the course of making this, I’ve been truly excited to learn a tremendous amount about ACEs and the potential this knowledge has for positively impacting lives everywhere.  I’m very grateful for any feedback and also contacts or organizations who could be open to collaboration to take this forward. Thank you!

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Hi Andy, we're all "works in progress," but your trailer is awesome!  May God pour out His blessings and favor and utilize your gifts as an awareness tool for ACEs.  Looks like a great documentary film that needs to be seen. 

I'm in the prison side of the ACEs; and if we had inside access to our COs and prisons, I'd most certainly share it with the women's prison.  Connect back up in a few months with me and see where we're at.

I feel this would be a blessing to women's prisons.

Blessings, Tammy

Well, my main feedback would be that it makes me want to see the documentary! So mission accomplished with this trailer. It definitely interested me by weaving together the narrative of her past and traumatic experiences with her present journey and dreams.

I have a couple ideas/thoughts around ways to get the message out there depending on what type of org collaboration you're looking for, and would be happy to connect anytime.

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