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Hello Everyone,

I am in search for any trainings (in-person or online) or other resources relating to:

1) Effective trauma-informed response from first responders (EMS in particular) and church communities to suicide; and

2) Self-care/healing practices for these responders and the surrounding community (family, church members, EMS teams, etc.).

I may be reached directly at Thank you for the help!

Your partner in prevention,

Mike Ritter

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Bob Brooks posted:

Please, if there are ACE communities in Chattanooga Tn. kindly communicate same with me. Presently showing an ad for building such a group in Chattanooga having found the writing/diary/journaling so therapeutic and helpful.. Why not, I suggest in the article, have an online sharing group?  Please help .. Any and all welcomed.. Bob Brooks

Hi Bob, We have a couple ACEs Connection communities in Tennessee - ACE Task Force of Shelby County (TN) and All Children Excel (ACE) Nashville (TN) you may want to reach out to the Community Facilitator for your area, her name is Ingrid Cockhren - here is her email address I hope this is helpful! Karen

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has 2 programs that might be of interest to you.  You can check with your local or State NAMI office to see if they are available in your area.

1.  NAMI FaithNet

2.  NAMI Crisis Intervention Team Trainings

For more info go to:   scroll to the bottom of the home page and you will see the programs listed.  Click each one for more info.

I hope this helps you and those you work with.

Doug Smith  -  NAMI Sacramento  

Maybe someone can assist with a how to...  Wish to begin an online group for Trauma victims in Chattanooga. Have two ads on Craigs List. No replies as of yet. Ad posted 3/15 …  A recent conversation with a friend sharing her niece's story of an extremely angry girl. Family given up on her.. Tragedy in the making. Mother an addict and children farmed out to relatives and x boyfriends. How does on person make a difference..  Would an article in the local newspaper get more attention? Did this years ago for a group that actually met in my home.. /Sexual abuse survivors!!!



Leckey Harris - who is on LinkedIn - has a trauma-informed initiative for 'first responders' (it includes a technique known by the Acronym "TRE") .. I'll try to avail further info and particulars later.

The "On-Site Academy" in Gardner, Massachusetts has moved their [previously nation-wide First Responder] crisis/respite component to a nearby rural serene farm, with animals; now serves both 'First Responders' and 'Human Services Personnel' --previously nation-wide, now 'world-wide'; they had EMDR certified clinicians-I don't know the current status of that.

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