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I know there is research related to high ACE scores and PTSD and the correlation with obesity.  I want to understand better what we know about these correlations and connections.  Of course, "freeze" can be part of our stress response.  I am very intrigued by how "freeze" is such a different response than "fight" or "flight" with regards to self-care issues, including eating patterns and weight.  As a clinician, I have always found it to be much easier to support clients in health shifts when their common stress responses are to fight or flee than to freeze as the energy is already active and requires guidance versus a need to first activate the energy.  

I am delving into the literature and resources more about these differences now and would greatly appreciate suggestions and guidance.

Thank you.

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I am just learning about this for my academic work which has led me to understand how it affects me personally. I read so much for school that I sometimes forget where I find something, but I think Scaer addresses this. Outside of research literature, I found this personal story profoundly helpful 309: How I Overcame Trauma (and Lost 50 Pounds). My own story, I just learned, is related to this, and I'm working on figuring out how to get out of forty years of shut down, so I can lose the weight I've had on me for that whole time. Would love to hear what you find out. Please keep in touch.

CONTENT WARNING: I share family details that others could find triggering to read.

Your post resonates with me on a personal level. Freeze is my primary response, and I have been overweight since a small child, but I have a 0 ACEs score. I think my weight stems from a combination of things on my father's side--an obese great-grandmother (story unknown), my dad likely having grown up with an abusive father who also died when he was around 10 yo--and my mother's anxiety while pregnant with me because her child before me drowned at 3 yo within 3 weeks of finding her dad deceased from a stroke. She then miscarried her next pregnancy before having me. I wonder if her anxiety, possible numbness during my pregnancy could have influenced my freeze mode? I'm curious about whether fight, flight, freeze responses are also somehow inherited or learned behavior or just part of our personal wiring. I would definitely be curious to learn more.

Another trail that's less on the science side but that came to mind is the readings of Michael J. Meade, mythologist, storyteller, and more. I attended an event of his once where he told a story about what it means to activate our vital energy as an existential question, and what it means to live without that fire within us. This came to mind when from your mention of finding it easier to activate those who tend toward fight or flight.

I look forward to learning more about what you learn!

Hi Mary,   

You might be interested in reading my book Victim to Victory, healing generational abuse from my bloodline.  The book does not talk about the science of freeze mode, but if gives you a background story behind why people hire me international as a trauma expert with no real medical degree.   Don't get me wrong I work with 2 sciences that have incredible Pub Med research but most people are not aware, being taught, or understand that value in regards to PTSD and freeze.    The PTSD Kundalini brain protocol is amazing in rewiring the trauma out of the "brain" and the electrolyzed reduced water produced from a Japanese Medical device -not only flushes out all the toxins and chemicals causing so much havok on the brain but provides healing for brain damage and disrupted neurons...anyway, if you ever desire to learn more about these sciences I would be happy to connect.  Blessings!

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