Hello everyone, Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) just launched a pilot campaign in Yakima, WA, to build resilience at the community level by targeting the societal systems that bear the responsibility of being/providing protective factors to raise resilient individuals. The main focus is to raise awareness of trauma informed practices as well as the N.E.A.R. science as it pertains to child brain development implications. There is a heavy focus on resilience. 

Concurrently, we are providing trainings to individuals within these systems, such as, child care providers, foster parents, juvenile justice, law enforcement, schools, faith community e.t.c. to help cement the message.    

The campaign is multi-media (t.v. radio, billboards, digital) and it directs the audience to the English and Spanish landing pages below to learn more about ACEs, resilience, and how they can help. Please copy and paste the links and tell us what you think.

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Hello Ruben,

Your website is outstanding-plus.  Lots of relevant material; hits the interests of parents, service providers, and the general public; lively.  Congratulations.  My only quibble (and it is a minor one) is that I note that many of your resources are excellent, very informative and easy to read (or to present to others), but not very recent.  Is this something that will be updated over time?

Our group (Van Buren (ME) Resiliency Project) is a small-town volunteer group that stands back in admiration of what you have accomplished with the website, and are accomplishing in your catchment area.  Thanks for sharing it.

- Dave Cote 

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