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Hi Sylvia. Yes, sort of!

I'm part of a pretty small start-up tech company working to quantify the impact of trauma, post-traumatic growth as well as staff and organization health and wellness through biometrics. I've spent the last 17 years working with the trauma paradigm from a trauma-informed care, self-care, and leadership perspective. In other words, I'm the "trauma guy" on a team who comes from the tech world.


Hi, do either of you all need to talk to a nurse with an ACES score of 6, an expert in this area, who recently uncovered major cognitive damage and who hasn't been productive since I had to use a computer/cell phone 3 1/2 yrs ago? lol

I think the major issue with the computer is the visual processing and incongruence - I can only read one or two words at a time - the brain goes into FFF with more than a couple of pics or words on a page. If you know of solutions to deal with or if you know how to live in today's age without using a computer or smartphone let me know.  

If I can help you by providing any input with my experiences please let me know.

With love, gratitude and heart, Leslie

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