I am searching for masters degrees that focus on cultivating trauma-informed communities. Does anyone have any recommendations? I recently graduated from the National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health, an initiative of the CDC and Public Health Institute's Center for Health Leadership and Practice with the focus on cultivating a trauma-informed community to advance health equity. I am looking for masters degrees to continue this foundation. 

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Hello Kate. 

At EMU, we have a Masters in Conflict Transformation and a Masters in Restorative Justice. Both can include a trauma-informed focus and a specialization at the community level depending upon where you want to do the practical experience portion of the degree. We also have a variety of graduate certificates to choose from.

In addition, we have our Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) program that is known worldwide.  We also offer a low residency program that can be done mostly through our Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) that occurs in May and June each year.  The new course schedule for that will be available next week.  That is a good place to try out our program and see if it fits your needs as you can take SPI courses for training or credit.

You can contact our admissions director, Cheryl Helmuth Logan (cheryl.helmuthlogan@emu.edu) for more information about the MA programs and graduate certificates or contact me (william.goldberg@emu.edu) for more information about the Summer Peacebuilding Institute.

Bill Goldberg, Director, SPI

I just graduated with my MPH from San Francisco State University. While not explicitly focused on "trauma-informed" work, it goes very deep in social justice and liberation principles and practices. Feel free to PM me if you look into it and are interested in talking more. 

Hi Kate,

You might be interested in the offerings provided by Concordia University-Portland. There's the MEd in Curriculum & Instruction with concentration in Trauma and Resiliency (https://education.cu-portland....n/trauma-resilience/), and then there's also a trauma and resilience certificate program (https://education.cu-portland....res/trauma-informed/) - one of the courses in the curriculum is "Creating a Trauma-Sensitive School." I hope this is helpful. 

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