The International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC) is working on an inventory of programs that build psychological and/or psychosocial resilience for many types of adversities in the Pacific Northwest.  I am reaching out to the ACEs Connection community to find contacts or programs relevant to these goals in Alaska.  We're looking for programs that teach skills to help people overcome adversity: mindfulness, social support, finding purpose, etc.

Once complete, the research in this inventory will form the basis of a widely distributed report describing the variety and scope of human resilience building programs underway in the PNW and the many benefits they provide. The report is intended to help expand many existing human resilience building initiatives, and launch new ones to ensure that eventually every adult and child has the opportunity to learn resilience building skills.

 If you know of any programs in Alaska teaching resilience skills, please get in touch with me so that they can be included in this inventory.

Thank you all!

All the best,

Zoe M. Alley, M.S.
ITRC Resilience Intern

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I will be happy to bring a program called MBM to your community or you can reach to the Center for Mind Body Medicine institude and  Jim Gorden, MD is an excellent person to reach out for this type of program. I find his training the most effective way to deal with trauma and restore resiliency.

Marsha Brown and I consulted with Melissa Kemberling in Alaska two years ago and they have developed a community capacity building strategy and a collaborative effort at implementing Trauma Informed Practices, partly based on Washington State Family Policy Council community network experiences and particularly Walla Walla WA experiences.  She can send you their reports, including assessments and plans.  Her email:

We also have a JPIC paper in press that summarizes the resilience building strategies in Walla Walla.  We could send you the abstract.

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