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The ACEs-specific data that I am aware of is the correlation between ACE scores and juvenile justice risk. Best of luck!

Beverly Tobiason

Cannon, Y., Davis, G., His, A.,Bochte, A. (February 2016). “Adverse Childhood Experiences in the New Mexico Juvenile Justice Population”. New Mexico Sentencing Commission

I would love to share the results.  Will attach the summary via poster session below.

  My whole reason for doing the study in the first place was to hopefully pique someone's interest in conducting a similar study on a larger scale.  I have observed this correlation for years, and have been frustrated that this particular angle of 'expense to society of child maltreatment' hasn't been exposed.

 But, alas, after having presented the data at five national/international conferences via poster session over the past two years, there have been no 'takers' in terms of expanding upon it.   Many expressed interest, however. 

The last year I checked, in 2014, payments for SSDI were over $145 billion.  Do you think we might save a dollar or two with some of that money spent on prevention/early intervention? .

 And, my email is drsalgus@gmail.com, if you would like to chat further.  


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