I am working with a school that keeps having the same kids in trouble (weed related), who all have high ACES scores. These are young men who all come from out of district, they live a city which is very dangerous. 

What programs or resources can I use to assist and support these survivors and generally lovely guys who deserve support as well as structure that this school may offer them?

Also, what programs can the school put in place to offer support? Vice Principal is very supporting and spear-heading this on his own. Thanks in Advance!

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Thanks, Jane!

Hi Amy- Mind Matters: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience was written specifically for traumatized youth. It is also designed to be used by paraprofessionals. The author, Dr. Carolyn Curtis, piloted it with young men who were having behavioral issues in their high school (the lowest performing school in Sacramento).

There is a sample lesson that you can find on the link above. I'm also happy to send you a link to a free 15 day online review copy.


Kay Reed, Executive Director, The Dibble Institute

If marijuana use reduction is your primary concern with this population, I recommend the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program. Its the only single-session evidence-based SUD prevention program, and its cheap and sustainable. 1 time manual purchase includes online training and all materials are reproducible. 

I do pre/post testing with my participants and am still stunned by the outcomes.

Cost-Benefit Analysis by Washington State Institute for Public Policy: For every $1 invested, SPORT returns $223 to society.


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