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Job Summary

The Project Manager (Independent Contractor Position) will work with the community and ACES committee structure to raise awareness of ACEs and brain development, foster resilience, and to embed these principles in the Charlotte area community.

Essential Functions

  • Research and facilitate the selection and implementation of a trauma informed community model/methodology for Charlotte.
  • Facilitate goal setting for the Collaborative and report measured progress
  • Collect and create repository for existing practices, resources, literature, research, legislative actions or other events of interest in the field for both public and provider reference
  • Facilitate the connection of stakeholders to each other with regard to their common practices and priorities
  • Identify and connect stakeholders to consistent curricula supporting their goals
  • Facilitate delivery of general training to the community
  • Perform public awareness activities around ACES/Toxic Stress and Trauma
  • Create communication processes and channels (e.g., social media/newsletters/ website/ event calendar)
  • Create project measures of success
  • The project manager will ensure established processes for a plan of sustainability at the end of 24 months.

To find out more and/or apply for the position, please visit https://careers.carolinashealt...-NC-28208/476686300/https://careers.carolinashealt...-NC-28208/476686300/

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